China’s new Coronavirus: is it worth panicking?

January 28, 2020


China's new Coronavirus
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Hello, if you follow in the news you’re probably very concerned right now -to say the least- about the new plague that hit the world in the form of a deadly virus.

The one million dollar question is:

should you panic about the coronavirus from China?

Let’s see what the experts say. It’s a virus scientists have never seen before.

Health officials don’t know exactly where it came from, New infections are confirmed every day despite the unprecedented quarantine. The death toll is rising too, but again, should you panic though? If this were a Hollywood movie, now would be a good time to panic in real life however all that most of you need to do especially the ones outside of China is to just wash your hands and proceed with your daily activities, in other terms, business as usual.

Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist at UC Riverside who studied many deadly outbreaks was reported to have said “Don’t panic unless you’re paid to panic”


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